Internet Security

Internet security and the value of keeping information safe and out of the hands of criminals or people that operate with the intent to do harm is something that has become a common topic of discussion within the field of technology at the moment. Unless you have been under a rock, you have likely heard about the very large collection of celebrities that have recently had their photos stolen from iCloud and leaked onto the internet. These celebrities were storing naked pictures that they took with the intention of sharing them with people in their lives.

However, placing them on iCloud turned out to be something that was a very harmful move. Instead of making sure that these photos remained out of view of anyone that wished to access them, they were hacked into and placed online for people all around the world to view. The reason why this happened likely has to do with the attention that comes along with being famous. This group of young adults made a prime target because they are in the public eye on a regular basis. Also, they did not put together complex passwords that would have made it impossible for a hacker to get into their accounts. This example is one that shows many of the problems that exist when it comes to security on the internet today. Put simply, people do not understand what a good password is and why having one in place is so important.


The simple way to come up with an effective password would be to generate it and have it saved through a program that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Any person that takes this approach would know that they have a secure password that will never result in having their account hacked and their pictures stolen in the process. If you do not want to take this method of coming up with a password, you can also think of your own. However, it is important that you ensure the password is unique and different from what you have been using in the past. Setting the same password for every service would make your password very easy to guess, you do not want to do this. Instead, you can avoid bug sweeps and hacks through simply mixing letters and numbers into your password. In addition to photo hacks, hackers have been able to come across credit card data through hacking websites of stores such as Target.

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Many of their customers had to cancel their credit cards in order to avoid being charged for things that they did not order. Security problems online are much as you would find in the real world, they are complex in nature. Anyone that wants to avoid them would find value in going the extra mile when attempting to come up with a reliable password. Although it may take a bit longer, a unique combination would be the easiest way to protect your photos or credit card information.